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Zygomatic Dental Implants





3 to 4 Months

Have your face, cheeks or lips begun to sink? If you wear dentures, are they loose or do you need adhesives to stabilize them? Do you contemplate facial surgery to prevent age lines? If so, you may be showing signs indicating the need for Zygomatic Implants.

Zygomatic Implant Benefits

Zygo Implants allow patients who otherwise would not be implant candidates to receive treatment to bring them back to form and function. Best of all, because Zygomatic Implants are placed directly in the zygoma bone and do not require grafting, the integration time is significantly reduced, meaning that your case will be done significantly faster than traditional Implants or the All on 4 implants. You will be back to full form function and eating all those foods you miss in no time!


The field of Implantology does not require additional training or licensing so it is up to the patient to do their research to ensure the provider they chose has a long and proven consistent hertory of successful Zygomatic Implant placement. Because of the unique and specialized nature of Zygoma Implants, it is imperative for the long term success of the case that the surgeon have a long and proven consistent hertory of successful Zygomatic Implant placement and integration.

Smile Confidently With Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants offer an alternative to the conventional method of drilling directly into the jawbone for implants. Unlike the traditional approach, Zygomatic implants are notably longer. They are anchored in the upper jawbone near the dense zygoma bone. This difference in placement allows Zygomatic implants to offer a stable foundation for dental implants, a feasibility that might not be achievable with traditional dental implants. Individuals with deteriorated jaws, who might face challenges with traditional implant surgery, may still find success with the advancements provided by Zygomatic implants.

Dr. Shivani Gupta


The zygomatic implant is now the preferred choice for cases involving a severely resorbed maxilla. Without this implant, numerous patients would necessitate invasive grafting procedures to achieve sufficient bone volume for conventional implant placement. Zygomatic implants eliminate the need for grafting, leading to a shortened treatment time and notable post-operative enhancements in both function and aesthetics.

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